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Post Surgery Rehabilitation

At Aum Badrinath clinic, Delhi, we offer patients with post-surgery rehabilitation program after he under goes operation. Physiotherapy is required after any joint surgery that tends to stiffen your muscles or hamper your mobilization. Several procedures under physiotherapy help in minimizing pain, such as use of ice application, certain positions of the spine, certain types of movements and use of electrical devices.

Physiotherapy is the most safest and quickest way to recover from the surgery that takes into account shoulder, elbow, knee, hip, calf, ankle & foot, wrist & hand and spine. Any injury to joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles will call for a surgical repair and specialized care with physiotherapy. It results in muscle facilitation and stabilization of the joints.

At our clinic in Delhi, we offer excellent rehabilitation services to post-surgery patients in order to restore normal movements in the entire body. Our well-trained physiotherapists ensure optimum results under recovery of any orthopedic injury and post-surgery rehabilitation. At Aum Badrinath clinic, we will assist you in your post-operative care. Our patientsí are properly guided and educated through the entire process.

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